Apple LaserWriter 8500 Fuser Unit Part # 661-1418
Remanufactured w/
New Thermistor & Heat Roller.

Price $310
Shipment to Canada.
*Each unit is tested for proper operation and is guarranteed not DOA.

  • The price to Canadian customers is higher due to shipping costs and government tariffs.
  • Because of shipping costs to Canada, we cannot offer a core refund to our Canadian customers.
  • It is recommend to use the remanufactured fuser units for printing on paper stock applications only.
  • Orders are shipped promptly when payment has been received.

This item is sold with a 60 Day warranty. Should the remanufactured unit fail during normal operation, return it for free repair or replacement. Obtain a RMA number prior to returning the unit. Damage to the unit due to improper handling is not included in this warranty. Should the Fuser unit fail anytime after the 90 Days up to 1 year from date of purchase, the Fuser can be returned with a $50.00 service fee for repair and return shipment. Please contact us prior to shipping. Again, broken parts due to damage during handling and shipping are not warranteed. Additional charges may apply.